Limited Print edition
Size:(420 x 594mm)
Medium: Photography printed on true matte-dream lab art photo paper

Her latest series titled “COMPLY-COMPLY-COMPLY” comprises of four images each aiming to evoke thought and dialogue concerning topics around colonialism, race, slavery, purity, domestic workers, and so forth in Africa. With these pieces, it is not so much what she as the artist envisioned but more so what the viewer can take away from the images as well as how it makes them feel.

The series is a conceptual photography series that interrogates, visualizes, and dares to evoke thought/comments and healthy debates on the lived experiences, mistreatment, and fetishization of the black female ‘house niggers’ in the colonial/slavery era for Africans. The series’ name describes how many of the house slaves at the time were told and made to ‘comply’ and how this has translated through the years into present times. The same is expected for black women in different walks of life. The subject in the images has white paint stains on her arm symbolizing the stain these events have had and how they continue to stay on the people for years on.